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Data Loss Occurrence can be full of Fear and Fright…Get Fix Excel Corrupt File Software to Fix Damaged Excel File: Microsoft Excel needs no mention at all. It is one of the highly used computer applications around. It is actually a spreadsheet application generated by the software giant, Microsoft. It is used for making charts, lists & tables; maintaining those lists, table and charts; forming databases, doing calculations and a lot more. The more you use Excel the more you get addicted to using it for all such functions. This addiction can sometimes result in distress also when you do earnest labor and save immense data in the form of these XLS files and suddenly your Excel corrupts. You think that you are left with nothing but zero. Some of you might even think that you will have to start from scratch as all your files are permanently lost. Break this notion! Nothing is lost!

Your Excel files Data can be recovered using Excel Recovery tool that will fix corrupt XLS files and rescue Excel file data like images, comments, texts, macros, formulas, functions etc completely.

Download – Try Excel Recovery Tool

Download the Demo Version of the Excel Recovery software first to know how to fix corrupt excel file using this tool. It can be grabbed for free. All you need to do is to click on the download button and get the Demo version quickly. You can very well evaluate the software by downloading this Demo version because it will allow you to preview recovered Excel files but will restrict you from saving those recovered files.

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Excel Corruption Reasons

There can be many unpredictable and unintentional reasons for Excel corruption. Even if you know them, they are hard to avoid because you would hardly realize how and when they happen. Precaution can surely be taken but if corruption of Excel files occurs then also there is no need to panic. Our software will fix damaged Excel file easily. Some of the reasons for corruption are:

  • Anomalous system shutdown
  • Software failure or Hardware malfunction
  • Virus attack or Trojan infection
  • Media error or bad sectors problem

These and other such inadvertent reasons can cause the data damage disaster of crucial Excel data files making you think that you are nullified. But it's not true! You still have hope! The hope is Excel Recovery Tool that will fix corrupt Excel file quickly and easily.

Error eruption – When – why you need to fix Excel file?

After your Excel files damage, you might get one of the following error messages:

  • Unable to read Excel Files
  • Excel file is not in a recognizable file format
  • Excel file is not opening instantly
  • Excel the file may be read-only mode or you may be trying to access a read-only location
  • Excel the file could not be accessed. try one of the following
  • Excel the file may have been changed by another user
  • Excel the file name or path does not exist
  • Excel the file you are trying to open is in a different format
  • Excel.exe file extansion has generated errors and will be closed by windows you will need to restart the program

For any of these errors, there is a single solution - fix Excel file with excel recovery software

How Excel Recovery will Fix Excel Problems completely?

Fix Excel corrupt file easily with excel recovery product.

  • Recover & restore corrupt MS Excel files.
  • Recover Excel files texts, images, numbers, charts hyperlinks, comments, external link formulas, merged cells, groups, subtotals along with the names of the worksheets
  • Execute Excel recovery instantly, effortlessly and conveniently
  • Runs on Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Windows 7
  • Shows full preview of all the recovered files contents
  • Recover password protected documents if user knows the password
  • Recover outlines, deleted data links, page formatting, width, height, border style, pattern exactly as the original Excel worksheet
  • Recover all the sheets of Excel file and can also restore the original structure of multi sheets
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